Kisii: KCSE exam official detained when two passersby saw him revising a math paper in the toilet.

A KCSE center manager at St. Francisca Nyamonaria Secondary School was detained by police in Nyamarambe, Kisii County, on Friday for helping two yet-to-be-identified people escape after they were spotted revising a mathematics paper in one of the school’s restrooms.

According to a police report obtained by Citizen Digital, the two unidentified men and one of the students had locked themselves inside the restroom while in possession of two mobile phones, including the center manager’s.

Additionally, 13 four-figure log books with readily concealed scribbling, a note-taking exercise book, and two school attendance registers were found by the police.

The boys in blue think the unidentified individuals were going to sneak into the KCSE exam room and take the planned Mathematics exam there.

The center manager, Robert Ogendo (59), was detained for violating the established examination standards, according to Kisii County Director of Education Pius Ong’oma.

According to Mr. Ong’oma, security agents have subsequently taken the center manager’s post while they work to close any gaps that could facilitate exam cheating.

The two suspects who escaped after being found are being sought after by police.

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