KISII: 3-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped And Eyes Gouged Out.

Police in Kisii are looking for the members of a group that abducted a 3-year-old boy, gouged out his eyes, and dumped him at the family’s banana farm.

The boy’s family was in a panic as they looked for the minor’s whereabouts after the group allegedly kidnapped him from his family’s Marani house on Wednesday evening and detained him for more than 6 hours.

The child, who was discovered with his face covered in blood and was rushed to the Kisii Eye Hospital, is now recovering in the general ward following surgery.

In addition to the agonizing discomfort, physicians claim the peculiar incident has rendered the toddler blind.

He had both of his eyes entirely removed, and the lids had minor injuries.

So it appears that a sharp object, such as a knife, was used, said Dr. Daniel Kiage.

Following the horrible crime performed on baby Sagini, residents of Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County, are still in disbelief.

None of them could have predicted the condition he would be found in when they all teamed up with his family to search for him after he went missing.

The father of the child Sagini was initially detained by police as a suspect in the case, but he was later freed due to a lack of evidence linking him to the crime.

His family is pleading with the police to expedite their inquiries and apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime.

As soon as Sagini is stable enough, doctors say he will undergo a second procedure.

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