Kirinyaga: Missing 9-Year-Old Boy Found Dead In A Fish Pond

The body of a nine-year-old child discovered in a fish pond in his village of Karia, Kirinyaga Central constituency, after he went missing from his house in Kirinyaga County on Wednesday, January 4.

As per family members, the youngster went missing from their home a day ago, immediately after his mother washed him and prepared to accompany him to her workplace in Karia Shopping Centre.

Charity Njagi, the deceased’s grandmother, said they had a difficult time looking for the child before the neighbor’s children informed them there was a body in their fish pond.

While blaming her grandchild’s death on the dam owners’ failure to safeguard the dams with a fence, she claimed that the children told her he was last seen playing with a dog.

Loise Wakuthii, the owner of the fish pond, stated that she was not in her home at the time of the unfortunate incident and had been informed about it by some of her visitors.

Moses Munene, the deceased child’s uncle, stated that the fish pond owners must fence their dams to protect their children’s lives.

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