Kirinyaga: Man Commits Suicide After Being Denied Money To Buy Bhang By His Mother.

Residents of Kirinyaga have expressed concern over the increase in suicide cases after a 26-year-old man committed suicide after his mother refused to give him money to buy Bhang.

According to reports, Peter Mwangi, the deceased, hanged himself on Monday night at their rental house in Kagio town.

The mother of the deceased, Teresiah Wanjiru Kimani, reported the event on Tuesday morning at Kiamaciri Police Station, according to Mwea-West Police Commander Wilson Koskei, who confirmed the occurrence.

He claimed that when the police arrived on the scene, they discovered Mwangi’s body hanging from the roof.

The mother and son got into a brief argument after the deceased begged Ms. Wanjiru for money to purchase the medication, the police chief said.

“I never imagined he would kill himself because of the cash to purchase bhang, a drug I am aware is prohibited in the nation… Teresiah Wanjiru stated to the police, “But I was surprised to discover him dead.

The head of the police department expressed alarm over the rising number of suicides in Kirinyaga, which he claims affect younger individuals more frequently than older ones.

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