Kirinyaga girl who stabbed her father had a tense relationship with him.

A file image of a bloody knife [PHOTO | COURTESY]

The murder of a 40-year-old man by a 17-year-old form two student shocked the people of Ndindiruku hamlet in Kirinyaga county.

Dennis Kitavi, OCPD for Mwea East, claims that the daughter and her father had a strained relationship. He would always confront her about leaving late for home before punishing her.

According to Magdalene Muthoni, the suspect claimed to have spotted her at church at 10PM and that her father had insulted him and told her to bring him food.

When they got home, Magdalene gave him food, but the irate father kept reprimanding his daughter and demanding why she hadn’t given him food.

He entered her bedroom and gave her two slaps. She seized a kitchen knife out of rage and stabbed him in the neck.

He was sent to Kibibi hospital right after, but regrettably, he passed away from his wounds the next morning.

As investigations proceed, the suspect is being detained at the Wanguru police station.

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