Kirinyaga: Driver dies in accident while fleeing from police

In an effort to avoid paying a KES 3,000 bribe at the Kiri coffee factory on the Kiamutugu-Kianyaga road in Gichugu, Kirinyaga County, the driver of a pick-up delivering charcoal died while evading police officials.

The two were going from Kitui County when they arrived in Kiamutugu on their way to Kianyaga when two police officers from the Kiamutugu police station stopped them and demanded KES 3000, to which they opposed, according to Simon Njoroge, a charcoal dealer who survived the disaster.

The two police officers who were driving a Probox car, according to Njoroge, were highly aggressive and demanding KES 3000 even though they typically give them KES 1000.

He asserted that they made the decision to flee from the police at a fast rate of speed after their car rolled many times and lost control.

Residents of Kiamutugu fought with the police as they tried to take the deceased’s body, blaming them of killing the man by pursuing them.

The two police officers from Kiamutugu police station were the ones who chased the deceased over bribes, according to the residents, who want them charged.

Police from Kiamutugu police station fought bravely as the locals hurled stones in their direction, forcing them to request reinforcement from Kianyaga police station using tear gas.

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