Kirinyaga: Body Of Man Who Drowned In Nyamindi River While Celebrating His Birthday Recovered

File photo of a police officer at a previous crime scene. [Photo | Courtesy]

Private divers and local volunteers have recovered the body of the guy who drowned in the River Nyamindi in Ngucui village, Kirinyiga County, on Thursday.

To celebrate his birthday, Kelvin Muthomi, a hotelier from Kimbimbi town in the Mwea constituency, went to the river with his fiancé and a friend. However, it is claimed that he slipped and fell into the water.

Following the recovery of Muthomi’s body, the deceased’s father, Duncan Mutuma, a resident of Meru County, said he was shocked to learn of his son’s tragic passing but nevertheless rushed to the scene of the tragedy.

Mutuma, who was present with friends and relatives, claimed that divers spent the majority of Friday searching for his son’s body until finding it at about 7:30 p.m.

“He had already told me that my son and his girlfriend were planned to be married. When the tragedy occurred, he had come to this river to celebrate his 24th birthday “told Citizen Digital Mutuma.

Local divers under the direction of Dunson Murango further stated that despite the challenging circumstances of the river, they persisted for the benefit of the deceased’s family.

The body was buried beneath some rocks, and the water was bitterly cold, but Murango insisted that his family, who was in excruciating pain, needed assistance.

The body of the deceased has subsequently been transported to the Kibugi funeral home for post-mortem and storage.

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