Kim Kardashian Receives Ksh. 24.5M Monthly in Child Support from Ye.

According to media reports on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian and Ye, the musician formerly known as Kanye West, have reached a divorce agreement that includes sharing their real estate holdings and joint custody of their four children.

Despite having joint custody of their four children—ages 3, 6, and 9—Kardashian will still be paid Ksh.24.5 million per month in child support because they will live with her most of the time, according to the New York Post.

Kardashian filed for divorce last year, alleging irreconcilable differences after the celebrity couple wed in 2014.

Ye has recently courted controversy by openly terminating significant corporate partnerships and hurling insults at other celebrities on social media. His Instagram and Twitter accounts were suspended, and the social media sites deleted several of his tweets that were criticized as being antisemitic.

A meeting between Donald Trump, Nick Fuentes, and Ye last week attracted unusually harsh Republican condemnation for the former president.

Several media sites reported on the specifics of their divorce settlement using documents from the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Reuters was unable to immediately authenticate the validity of the documents.

The Post cited the court document when reporting that the parents’ agreement is required when deciding which school the kids would attend as well as other choices involving treatment, counseling, or religious activities.

Before they graduate from high school or become 19, the kids won’t be permitted to move more than 60 miles (100 km) from Kardashian’s house in Hidden Hills outside of Los Angeles, according to the Post. According to the Post, each parent will get access to the kids on their birthdays and other significant events.

Kardashian will maintain her houses in Malibu, Riverside, Harrison, Idaho, and one Hidden Hills property that Ye has agreed to transfer to her, according to the Post.

According to Sky News, neither party will make the other pay spousal support, and they will each make their own debt payments. According to Sky, they will split the cost of their kids’ private security, education, and college.

A spokesman for the Kardashians declined to comment. An inquiry for comments was not immediately answered by Ye’s representatives.

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