Kiambu: Police Launches investigation of 3 suicides and 1 murder in one night, same village.

File photo of a police officer at a previous crime scene. [Photo | Courtesy]

Three people committed suicide and one was murdered in one night, leaving Nyathuna village in Kiambu county in sadness.

Two men died in different homesteads, according to Joseph Muriuki, the chief of the Kabete police. The deaths of the mother and son in the same village were caused by a lady who consumed a suspected poison and fed it to her son.

The deceased woman had a history of depression, according to her family and friends.

“We had unsuccessfully attempted to contact her by phone the entire day. When we arrived here to seek for her, we discovered her dead body on the ground. Her 11-year-old son was laying on the bed when we knocked down the door, according to the deceased friend.

The murder and suicide killings have caused fear among the people, who have asked the appropriate authorities to intervene to stop further tragedies.

As the police began their investigation, the bodies of the four were transferred to Wangige hospital.

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