Kiambu: Mother And Her Son Found Dead In Borehole

A file image of a well. [Photo | Courtesy].

The bodies of a mother and her son were discovered in a family well in Kiambu County, and the police are looking into the matter.

This comes after a potential homicide and a suicide in the village of Githunguri.

Locals claim that 40-year-old Simon Kimani forced his mother Mercy Mugure, 75, into a borehole before plunging into the same well to commit suicide.

Kimani’s membership in a sect with questionable tenets and behaviors caused friction between him and his mother.

Practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and allowing marriage to multiple wives are among the contentious ideas that set off the conflict.

Apparently, the mother disapproved of his actions and had advised the son against them, which infuriated the son, according to a neighbor.

The deceased were retrieved by a team from the county’s disaster management division when they arrived on the scene.

The bodies were brought to a nearby morgue as the incident was being investigated, according to Kiambu police chief Perminus Kioi.

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