Kiambu: Man Commits Suicide After Killing His Mother.

In the Kangui area of Githunguri, Kiambu County, a 50-year-old man committed suicide and left behind a note confessing to the killing of his 80-year-old mother.

His mother was reported to have been murdered for more than Ksh. 8,000 Inua Jamii Cash when she was found dead at her house earlier this month.

“The man’s name is Gikonyo Muchiiri, and he killed his mother, Nyakero Muchiri, for the Inua Jamii money… When he ran out of money, he also committed suicide, a neighbor claimed on Tuesday.

“He’s already admitted to killing his mother… We don’t know if they will delay the funeral so that the two might be laid to rest together; his mother was scheduled to be buried tomorrow.

Locals assert that the late Muchiri was using drugs just before he passed away.

After penning a confession for killing his mother, he hanged himself on the roof and was found dead inside his house.

The incident was confirmed by the Githunguri Police Commander Mary Kaimenyi, who also stated that Nyakero Muchiri’s death is still under investigation.

Kaimenyi remarked, “He had a written note in his pocket that read that he felt bad for what he had done to his mother.

We have started investigations to determine what killed the mother. Perhaps, based on the note, he understands what caused his mother’s death, which occurred some time ago.

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