Kiambu: Man Allegedly Dies While Being Interrogated by Police

Githunguri police are looking into an incident where a man died while being questioned at his home in the Kiaria neighborhood after being approached by police from the Githunguri police station.

According to Mary Kaimenyi, the Githunguri Sub County Authorities Commander, police were called after receiving information that the suspect was hiding narcotics and illegal alcohol at his home.

According to Ms. Kaimenyi, the suspect passed out and lost consciousness while being questioned about the accusations.

When he arrived at Githunguri’s Holy Family Catholic Hospital, he was already listed as dead.

Public outrage over this occurrence led some to suspect the cops of actually killing the deceased.

The late Karanja’s wife, Lucy Gathoni, described how her husband had returned home with another guy.

She asserts that while leaving the house to complete other tasks, she overheard additional odd individuals speaking to her husband and posing queries in Kiswahili.

She continued by saying that she discovered her husband was conversing with individuals other than the man he had initially come home with.

She stated that a short while afterwards, she received an urgent request to come inside to help the two strangers and the other man tend to her husband, who had passed out.

She had left her husband making milk for her calves when he fainted and had trouble breathing. When she rushed inside, she saw this.

The deceased was taken to the hospital by police officers in a hurry, but she was already dead when she got there.

She grumbled that her husband never complained of being unwell throughout the day and that there was never a day when he did, only to learn that he had passed away inexplicably.

The person who stayed with Karanja till the very end, Kinuthia Wa Kariuki, claimed he was perplexed by the abrupt change in the course of events.

He claimed to have helped the police officers interrogate the deceased while they were conducting their investigation.

Police officers at the Githunguri Police station struggled to disperse an enraged mob which had gathered as a result of the turn of events.

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