Kiambu: Githunguri Kwa Michael Accident Death Toll Increases to 8

Eight persons have already lost their lives as a result of the Githunguri Kwa Michael tragedy, which happened on Friday night along Ruiru road.

This comes after two individuals at hospitals in Kiambu and Ruiru passed away while receiving medical attention.

Six persons died as a result of injuries sustained in the fatal collision that took place at around 7:30 on Friday night when a matatu collided head-on with a private vehicle.

Witnesses claim that the private car was speeding when it struck the matatu, instantly killing four persons.

According to reports, seven survivors are also receiving medical care at various hospitals in Kiambu and Githunguri.

Residents are now requesting that the government force a road contractor to finish and resurface the Kiambu-Githunguri Road.

In order to help drivers manage their speed, they also want to see signage, speed bumps, and rumble strips installed on the newly constructed road.

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