Kiambu: Couple drown after their car plunged into a dam

Two residents of Murera Ward in Juja, Kiambu County, perished on Tuesday night when their vehicle plunged into the dam.

According to reports, the victims, a male and a female, were unwinding in their car at the time of the event.

Rescuers were still working to find the male victim’s body and the vehicle as of last night, but they had already found the body of the female victim.

Ngatha Wambiri, the MCA for Murera Ward, spoke at the event and disclosed that there are five dams in the ward, some of which have historically proven hazardous to locals and should now be fenced to protect lives.

He added that he would submit a bill to the parliament for the fencing of all the dams.

According to Martin Ngugi, a county fire officer, there were two people inside the car that is still inside the dam. He claimed that the car has already been located, but it won’t be recovered until the male victim’s body has been taken out of the dam.

According to a local, the dam had been turned into a recreational area, where picnics were being hosted.

Rescue operations are still being carried out, led by the Kiambu County rescue squad and divers working with the police.

The victims’ names have not yet been made public, and an investigation is being conducted to determine what caused the catastrophe.

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