KIAMBU: Armed robbery suspect shot dead in Thika; homemade gun & other crude weapons recovered

Homemade gun and other crude weapons recovered [Photo | Courtesy]

Police shot and killed a suspected thug who was a member of a gang targeting pedestrians in Thika on Tuesday night.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) claims that while on patrol, police officers observed the thug and his two accomplices assaulting bystanders along Cascade Premier prison road.

The armed thug is then alleged to have challenged the officers, prompting one of them to shoot him in the neck in “self defense.”

The remaining two then began to run, but one was quickly arrested and taken into custody as the last thug vanished in a water culvert.

The remaining machete-wielding duo, who were also carrying a makeshift firearm, were driven from their position by the overwhelming response, which sparked a brief pursuit by the determined police officers.

“The gangster outsmarted our cops who gave him another chance to alter his ways and preach the good gospel, lest the destiny that befell his deceased comrade in crime overtake him,” one of the officers wrote.

The two were found to be in possession of two machetes, a handmade handgun, and mobile phones that were allegedly stolen from defenseless victims.

The criminals’ motorbikes were seized as well and taken as evidence to the Thika police station.

The most recent incident follows a stepped-up police campaign against criminals and criminal groups in an effort to control the country’s rising crime rates, the majority of which are recorded in Nairobi.

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