Khalwale: Financial Illiteracy To Blame For Housing Fund Confusion.

According to Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, the high levels of financial illiteracy in the nation are to blame for the misunderstanding surrounding the housing fund deductions outlined in Finance Bill 2023.

On Thursday, Khalwale asserted during an appearance on a TV program that the housing deductions would not be a tax but rather a saving strategy intended to address the nation’s housing shortage.

Khalwale denied the claims that individuals would put off moving into a new home for 25 years, asserting that the opposition was spreading false information to deceive Kenyans.

The housing project, according to Khalwale, would give slum people a chance to relocate to state-built homes.

He stressed that political obstacles put up by politicians on the housing proposal would prevent slum inhabitants from having the opportunity to relocate.

He also acknowledged that the government’s rapid dissemination of new information to the populace is the only issue with the housing fund, which prevents people from understanding the goals.

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