KERICHO: Shock As 2 Women Arrested With Dead Foetuses

Two middle-aged ladies were detained carrying dead fetuses on Thursday, shocking the locals of the Chepseon Trading Center in Kipkelion East, Kericho County.

The two people who were apprehended inside their rental home were thought to have carried out abortions on Tuesday night, according to Nyumba Kumi officer Paul Kirui.

One of the ladies, who was the landlord of the rental home, allegedly wrapped her dead fetus, which was thought to be seven months old, in used clothing and stored it in her purse, according to Mr. Kirui.

On the other side, it is alleged that the other woman, who was being entertained, threw hers into a pit toilet.

According to Mr. Kirui, the women provided contradictory information to Nyumba Kumi officials, which led them to become suspicious and request additional interrogations.

He continued by saying that the Nyumba Kumi had been notified of the pair’s strange behavior by members of the public.

The woman who was being hosted eventually revealed, according to Mr. Kirui, that she had aborted the 5-month-old fetus and dumped it behind a pit latrine after additional questioning.

After being alerted, officers from Chepseon Police Station sped over to the spot, retrieved the fetuses, and transported them to the mortuary at Londiani Sub-County Hospital.

After that, the women were brought to Londiani Police Station, where they were detained for arraignment.

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