Kericho: Man dies after taking homemade herbal medication

File photo of police officers at a crime scene [Photo: Courtesy]

In Kericho, police are looking into an incident where a man died after taking herbal medicine that was prescribed to him by a Form 3 student.

The deceased reportedly complained of stomach problems, agitation, and vomiting for more than six hours before passing away.

Police have set up a tent at the man’s home to gather further evidence in an effort to determine the precise reason of his premature death.

Police reports state that one person is now recovering from the same incident.

The survivor recovered after receiving quick medical assistance, including hydration with water, and being transported to the nearest clinic.

According to clinical officer Justus Mosera, who confirmed the occurrence to reporters at the hospital, the patient had severely low blood pressure upon entrance, which was stabilized with the use of saline water.

Additionally, a second blood test performed by doctors found bacteria in the samples that were obtained.

The patient has been admitted to Londiani Sub-County Hospital due to his condition and will receive specialized care there.

The attending officer is still optimistic about the patient’s quick recovery despite the patient’s ongoing abdominal pain.

When authorities were notified of the occurrence, the student who had prescribed the medicines for a price of Ksh 100 fled the site. His whereabouts are still unknown.

But it has been established that he attends a well-known high school in the area.

The victims were experiencing malaria-like symptoms, so they drank a mixture concocted from indigenous tree roots.

The dead was 18 years old, and his surviving friend is 17 years old.

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