Kenya’s Top 10 Most Popular Content Creators on YouTube in 2022

According to reports, Kenyans preferred more local content in online platforms in 2022.

According to a report on the top 10 content producers who were at the top of the curve in 2022 that YouTube released on Friday, December 2.

The topics covered included real-world chat programs, comedies, music, religion, and the general election.

In parts of the research, it was said that “the lists demonstrate locally made material that celebrates varied ways of life of Kenyans inside their localities and workplaces registered the most viewership among Kenyans.”

Nine Kenyan and one Nigerian creators are among the best.

Thee Pluto Show by Robert Ndegwa and New Life TV Kenya by Pastor Ezekiel Odero were at the top of the list.

Content by Lynn Ngugi and Mungai Eve based on their personal experiences came in third and fourth, respectively.

Nicholas Kioko, Churchill Television, Jackie Matubia, Comrade’s Flavour, TT Comedian, and SamSpedy, a Nigerian comedian, were the other members of the top 10.

On the other side, songwriter-artist Zuchu’s performance at a nearby secondary school in Tanzania was the most watched video.

Notably, NTV’s live coverage of William Ruto’s inauguration as president and other election-related news on August 9 was among the most popular content on the network in 2022.

The YouTube account of actress Jackie Matubia received the most new subscribers out of all the Kenyan content producers. Additionally, she was named the best breakout content creator.

Others were; I am Kabugi, Austin Muigai, Ariane Dashian, 2mbili Tv, Obinna TV, Okumba Junior, Aicy Stevens & Nick Kwach, NickLmao, and Obinna TV.

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