“Kenya’s Office Of The First Daughter” Sparks Debate Online

Charlene Ruto, the daughter of President William Ruto, is once more at the center of an internet uproar after unveiling the people on her team at the “Office of the First Daughter.”

Charlene called her team to present them to the crowd as she spoke to attendees of the 2022 YouLead Summit on Tuesday at the East African Community headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

“Before I go any further, let me briefly introduce my Kenyan squad. I’ll thus begin with the back. One of my team mates, Mike Sagana, is who you see here. He is a politician and my team’s primary advisor. To applause and laughter from the audience, Ms. Ruto introduces Jermaine Momanyi, who works as the first daughter’s office’s head of trade and investments.

In a viral video, Charlene smiles and tosses her hair before attempting to continue amidst the chaos.

This is…

She says, “I don’t understand what’s hilarious.

Given that the constitution of Kenya does not include an Office of the First Daughter, Charlene’s remarks have elicited a range of responses from Kenyans online.

“Lakini Charlene Ruto surely, now there is an ‘Office of the First Daughter’? Complete with a team of ‘Advisors’ and probably a cabinet. Wueh,” said Twitter user @Wachira_254_.

Caxstone P. Kigata wondered: “You mean we have an Office of the First Daughter fully financed by the Exchequer?”

“Office of the first daughter??? It’s giving Ivanka Trump,” Wagatwe Wanjuki wrote on Twitter, while Alberto Nyakundi asked, “I am confused over here. Is it a public or private office?”

Since her father took office in September, Charlene has been traveling the nation, meeting with different county officials, and even traveling abroad to meet with foreign dignitaries.

When asked about her engagements in a recent interview, she made a passing reference to her work as a “climate change activist” and a voice for young people.

“I feel like there is a lot our president is doing internationally and nationally, also our first lady, our CSs, county governors and that kind of thing, but who is standing up for the youth?” Charlene posed in the Saturday interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

“Since our president loves the youth so much, we already have a seat on the table, but who is going to push for the youth? That is why I decided to be that person and I’m going to be a voice for the youth and stand up for them and the communities.”

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