Kenyan Tiktoker Narrates How He Felt Sick After Eating A Bat On A Viral TikTok Video. 

Kenyan Tiktoker Aq9ine stir fried a bat and ate it. PHOTO | TIKTOK

Kenyan Tiktoker Aq9ine now says he fell ill just days after cooking and eating a bat on a now viral TikTok video. 

“After siku nne after kukula bat, nilishikangwa na kihoma, a running nose for like six hours …” the Tiktoker told Youtuber Presenter Ali

“In those six hours, I had taken at least four different kinds of medication and none appeared to be working,” 

During the interview, the content creator who has risen up the ranks, one strange meal at a time, said his battle with an unexplainable cold got worse as time wore on. 

He would soon after develop an incessant cough as well as chest pains that would not abate. 

“When I coughed blood, I got really worried, but then I said, It is what it is, I did not go to hopital, mimi nachukia hospitali mbaya,” he added. 

He reveals that he self -medicated at home, with an unorthodox regimen at his rural home in Meru. 

“I was feeling really cold although Meru was sunny at the time, then I developed what felt like sores on my throat,” Aq9ine added. 

At some point, he claims that he progressively lost his voice, but continued to self-medicate at home as he worried about his worsening condition. 

“Nilikuwa na tuvidonda kam tonsils kwa throat, so maybe tuvidonda tumeteremka hivi chini, nikasema kama mbaya mbaya, kama nikuenda si niende?” he added. 

From eating a giant rat to an an egret and most recently, a bat, Aq9ine has raked in some 209K followers, and 2.9 million views on TikTok and it appears there is no end in sight for the self-styled ‘King of Muguka’. 

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