Kenya Aviation Staffs To Join in KQ Pilots’ Strike

The Kenya Aviation Workers Union (KAWU) is preparing to withdraw its services in support of the ongoing pilot strike at Kenya Airways (KQ).

The KAWU secretary general Moss Ndiema stated that the strike would begin at 2pm in a statement dated November 5.

He stated that a court order issued on August 15, 2022 had authorized KAWU employees to strike in response to a deadlock about the failure to reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

In accordance with the court decision, Mr. Ndiema added in the statement, “this is to instruct and advise all unionisable employees of KAA to initiate the strike at 2pm today, 5th November, 2022 in conformity with the court ruling.”

“Those of you waiting at home to report for your shifts are advised to avoid the area and not report to work. Please refrain from holding any meetings or processions at your workstations.

All unionisable employees were also given the assurance by Mr. Ndiema that if they participated in authorized industrial action, they would not lose their employment.

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