KeNHA Tightens the Noose on Violating Transporters and Requests Trucks To Adhere To Load Limits

The Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenya National Highways Authority, or KeNHA) has urged trailer transporters to uphold the axle load pledge by eliminating sneaky tactics.

Trailers frequently raise their axles to avoid weighbridge inspections, according to Assistant Manager of the Axle Load Unit Engineer Michael Ngala, who was speaking to a Rwandan team during a benchmarking exercise of the Juja weighbridge facilities.

“We also transcend to other public roads, and that means that a lot more resources are needed to do weighbridge management in preventing overloading incidents on other networks,” he said.

“The country will actually pay a very high price if the overloading issue is not handled.”

Ngala did applaud the truck SACCOs for ensuring that axle load limitations were followed, noting a 98% compliance rate.

According to Francis Gihoza, who works for the Rwanda Transport Development Agency, they have already identified two further locations where weigh bridges will be built.

Based on a weighbridge study, there are about eight locations that need weigh bridges. Of the eight, two are now being implemented, and we anticipate that they will be operational within the next year.

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