KEBS Suspends 435 Cosmetics Brands Due to Contamination; Here is the list

435 distinct cosmetics brands have been banned by the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS) due to claims that they were tainted with mercury and medication components known as hydroquinones.

The aforementioned beauty products, which include soaps, skin-lightening creams, and lotions, have not been registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of the Ministry of Health for use in treating patients, and should only be used as prescribed by a doctor, according to a statement released by KEBS on Tuesday.

Therefore, KEBS forbids the sale of the brands mentioned, and further threatens legal action against any company found to be selling the products.

“KEBS aims to inform the public that the cosmetic brands listed below are prohibited and should not be sold. According to the statement, the items include hazardous materials like hydroquinone, mercury, and its derivatives.

“The prohibition or ban is intended to safeguard innocent customers and deter product dumping in the Kenyan market. Various medical disorders are treated using hydroquinone, mercury, oxidizing agents, and hormonal medicines.

They are considered medications and should only be used under a doctor’s advice and supervision, the statement continued. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board of the Ministry of Health should register all skincare products, including creams, lotions, gels, soaps, and others, that include hydroquinone, steroids, and hormonal preparations for medical use.

KEBS issues warnings about the products’ potential long-term side effects, including skin rashes, swelling, redness or peeling, exhaustion, weakness, discomfort in the bones, skin discoloration, kidney damage, digestive disorders, and neurological ailments.

Products like Betnovate, Mediven, Diprosone, Nerisone, Hydrocortisone, 0xy 5 and 0xy 10 have been determined to be fit for usage.

Here is the full list of banned products.


1. Movate

2.       Mekako

3.       Jaribu

4.       Tura

5.       Acura

6.       Rico

7.       Fair lady

8.       Elegance

9.       Miki

10.   Jambo


1.       Pimplex medicated cream

2.       Pimplex medicated cream

3.       New shirley medicated cream

4.       Cream preparations containing hydrogen peroxide(h2o2)

5.       Hot movate gel

6.       Tenovate

7.       Soft and beautiful cream

8.       Unic clear super cream

9.       Peau claire gel plus

10.   Peau claire cream

11.   Jolen cream, skin preparations continting steroids

12.   Movate cream, skin success gel

13.   Amira –c

14.   Neu clear gel

15.   Body clear cream spot remover

16.   Top gel plus

17.   Lemonvate cream, secret gel

18.   Tcb gel plus

19.   Topifram cream

20.   Skin balance lemon cream

21.   Dermo -gel plus

22.   Fashion fair gel plus

23.   Visible difference gel

24.   Sivoclair cream

25.   Action demovate cream

26.   Regge lemon gel

27.   Ultimate lady gel

28.   topifram gel plus

29.   Age renewal cream

30.   Fair & white gel plus

31.   Peau clair gel plus

32.   Fashion fair cream

33.   First class lady cream

34.   Skin success cream

35.   Neu clear cream plus

36.   Jaribu beta – β cream

37.   Body treat cream spot remover

38.   Clair & lovely gel, peau clair cream

39.   Soft & beautiful gel

40.   Action demovate gel plus

41.   Prosone gel

42.   Skin balance gel wrinkle remover

43.   Ultra-gel plus

44.   Pro-one gel mca

45.   Betalemon cream

46.   Skin balance cream wrinkle remover


List of Banned Lotions

1.       Jaribu skin lightening lotion

2.       A3 lemon skin lightening lotion Princess lotion

3.       Amira skin lightening lotion

4.       Kiss lotion

5.       Peau Claire beauty body lotion

6.       A3 clear touch complexion lotion

7.       Rico skin lightening lotion

8.       Clear touch lotion

9.       Fair white body clearing milk

10.   Sivoclair lightening body lotion

11.   Extra clair lightening body lotion

12.   Precieux treatment beauty lotion

13.   Clear essence skin beautifying milk

List of Banned Gels

1.       Ultra clear

2.       Topiclear

3.       Body clear

List of Banned Creams

1.       Jaribu cream

2.       Madonna medicated cream

3.       Tura skin toning cream

4.       Kiss -medicated beauty cream

5.       Zarina medicated skin lightener cream

6.       Lolane cream, nadinola cream

7.       Mic skin lightener cream

8.       Clere lemon cream

9.       Butone cream

10.   Miki beauty cream

11.   Island beauty skin fade cream

12.   Ikb medicated cream

13.   Care plus fairness cream

14.   A3 skin lightening cream, ambi american formula

15.   Ambi extra complexion cream for men

16.   A3 tripple action cream pearl light

17.   Fairlady skin lightening cream

18.   Clear touch cream

19.   Rico skin tone crème

20.   Princess medicated beauty cream

21.   Immediat claire lighten

22.   Mekako cream

23.   Yesako medicated beauty cream

24.   Mrembo medicated beauty cream

25.   Uno21 cream

26.   Envi skin toner, viva super lemon

27.   Glotone complexion cream

28.   Tonight night beauty cream

29.   Clere extra cream

30.   Malaika medicated beauty cream

31.   Crusader skin toning cream

32.   Malibu medicated cream

33.   Opiclear cream, carekako medicated cream

34.   Dream successful

35.   Cleartone skin toning cream

36.   Cleartone extra skin toning cream

37.   Elegance skin lightening cream

38.   Fade out cream

39.   Crusader ultra-brand cream

40.   Baraka skin lightening cream

41.   Amira cream

42.   Rico complexion cream

43.   Shirley cream

44.   Princess patra luxury complexion cream

45.   Ambi special complexion cream

46.   Nindola cream, claire creme

47.   Fulani creme eclaircissante

48.   Binti jambo cream

49.   Dear heart with hydroquinone cream

50.   Nish medicated cream

51.   Palmer’s skin success fade cream

52.   Body clear cream

53.   Symba creme skin lite ‘n’ smooth

54.   Clear essence medicated fade cream

55.   O’nyia skin crème

56.   Mr. Clere cream

57.   Top lemon plus cream

58.   Ultime skin lightening cream

59.   Peau claire crème eclaircissante

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