Kakamega: Woman Rescued From Irate Mob After Her Son’s Mysterious Death.

After her son’s strange death, police in Kakamega County’s Ebwambwa neighborhood saved a 58-year-old lady from an angry mob.

According to accounts, Eunice Andanje and his 32-year-old son Ezekiel Munanga got into a fight over a 2kg packet of maize before he passed away.

Area chief Fanuel Lumumba confirmed the event and stated that Andanje is thought to have attacked her son with a blunt object while intoxicated.

The mother, a well-known brewer of chang’aa, has a history of disputes with her son, according to Chief Lumumba.

The moment authorities detained Andanje for interrogation, they discovered Munanga’s lifeless body inside his home.

The deceased’s body has been sent to the Kakamega Morgue in anticipation of the autopsy.

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