Kajiado: Boy hospitalized after a botched circumcision.

A medical clinic in the Rongai neighborhood of Kajiado County performed an improper circumcision on a 13-year-old boy, who is now recovering at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

The boy’s family accuses the doctor at St. Cates Medical Center who performed the circumcision of the boy of negligence after a portion of the boy’s manhood was amputated during the procedure.

The boy was allegedly brought to KNH when it was already too late, according the family.

The reattached section had begun to decompose, so doctors at KNH were compelled to remove it entirely.

The victim, who received 396 in the recently revealed KCPE exam results, was hoping to start secondary school this year.

The boy’s family claims that when they enquired about what went wrong, they were told that the boy’s entire manhood had been amputated.

In an effort to undo the procedure, the doctor at the medical facility reattached the cut piece.

The boy was discharged from the hospital despite the doctor being fully aware of the improper circumcision, which is more alarming.

According to the family, the sliced portion had begun to decompose and was affecting the remainder of his genitalia, so the surgeons at KNH were compelled to totally remove it.

The victim’s mother reported the incident to the Ongata Rongai Police Station, but nothing has happened as of yet.

Angered by the doctor’s denial, the family attacked him, grabbing the public’s attention. He then left, cutting off the family.

The youngster is recovering at KNH while he awaits complete healing before having reconstructive surgery.

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