iOS 17: What you need to know About iOS 17

iOS 17 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, and it was released on September 18, 2023. It is available for iPhone XS and newer models.

Here is a more detailed look at some of the key features of iOS 17:

New lock screen customization

One of the biggest changes in iOS 17 is the new lock screen customization options. You can now add widgets to your lock screen, so you can see important information at a glance without having to unlock your phone. You can also change the font and color of the clock, and add new wallpapers, including dynamic wallpapers that change throughout the day.

Improved Focus

Focus is a feature in iOS that allows you to block out distractions and focus on a specific task. In iOS 17, Focus has been improved with new features like the ability to create custom Focus filters and link Focus to specific locations and times. For example, you could create a Focus filter for work that blocks out all notifications from non-work apps. You could then link that Focus filter to your work location, so that it is automatically turned on when you arrive at work.

New Messages features

iOS 17 includes a number of new features for Messages, such as the ability to edit or unsend messages after they have been sent, and the ability to collaborate on Messages threads with others. For example, you could use collaboration to work on a document with a colleague, or to plan a trip with friends.

New FaceTime features

FaceTime in iOS 17 gets a number of new features, such as the ability to use Live Text and Visual Look Up during FaceTime calls, and the ability to share your screen with others during a FaceTime call. Live Text allows you to tap on text in a FaceTime call to get more information about it, such as translating it to another language. Visual Look Up allows you to look up information about objects or scenes in a FaceTime call, such as landmarks or works of art.

New features for Focus, Maps, and more

iOS 17 also includes a number of new features for other apps and services, such as:

  • Focus filters for apps: You can now create custom Focus filters for specific apps. For example, you could create a Focus filter for work that blocks out all notifications from non-work apps, except for your work email app.
  • New offline maps features: You can now download and save offline maps for specific regions or cities. This can be useful if you are traveling to a place where you may not have internet access.
  • Custom contact posters: You can now create custom contact posters with your own photos and backgrounds. These contact posters can then be used in the Phone app, Messages, and FaceTime.

Overall, iOS 17 is a major update that brings a number of new features and improvements to the iPhone. If you have an iPhone XS or newer, I recommend updating to iOS 17 as soon as possible.

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