In response to Arshad’s murder, the Pakistani government sends military and intelligence commandos to Kenya.

The investigation into the infamous journalist killings in Kenya has begun with the government of Pakistan. The Kenyan police mercilessly shot and killed journalist Arshad Sharif in Magadi, Kajiado county.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022, the Pakistani government swiftly sent out bright and specialized military officers.

The DCI and local authorities will work with the three officers to assume control of the case as soon as they arrive in Kenya.

They are anticipated to go to the location where the journalist’s automobile was shot at until he was pronounced dead.

The detectives will also carefully consider the various accounts of what happened to the journalist both before and after he was shot.

The Pakistani action comes shortly after the national police force issued a statement that was in direct opposition to their prior assertion that Sharif was being transported in a car that was thought to have been stolen.

According to the authorities, Sharif was operating a Toyota V8 whereas the stolen vehicle was a Mercedes.

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