In 3 Months, Expect a Change of Things; Uhuru Kenyatta

Even after promising to hand over power peacefully to his vice president, outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta has cautioned Kenyans about the coming three months.

Yesterday, when talking to a group of legislators from Azimio, the head of state said that President-elect Ruto and his supporters would be in trouble, as NTV reported.

Uhuru said, “Let those who are happy keep on being happy, because they don’t know what’s coming.

Uhuru said, “They’ll be crying in three months because they were promised benefits that were too good to be true.

While the head of state did not specify who he was referring to, his statement refers to the large promises President-elect Ruto made to his followers prior to the 2022 national elections.

Many believe that the promises he made gave him an advantage against his chief competitor, Raila Odinga.

With days remaining till his inauguration, many will be watching to see if he fulfills the promises that, if realized, will reshape Kenya.

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