‘I’m Ready To Settle Down, The Economy Is Tough, ‘ Amber Ray

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray now says that she is ready to settle down and this time she is committed to it.

The mother of one says she is tired of being an independent woman, especially during the current tough economic times.

“Okay, the economy is no longer suitable for me to remain an independent woman. The time has finally come. I am now considering listening to you n****s for supplemental income. I’m ready to settle down this time I mean it!” She captioned her post on Instagram.

Amber Ray is rumoured to be dating Kennedy Rapudo whom they have been spending time with.

Them getting to know one another has energised reports that she has completely moved on from her ex-basketball athlete from Sierra Leone.

What really prompted the separation after only a couple of months is not clear

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