Illegal grazers attacks and kills a man in Laikipia.

Residents of Gathanji village in Laikipia County are mourning the loss of a man who passed away on Thursday night after allegedly being wounded with a spear by claimed illegal grazers.

Joseph Ng’ang’a, 45, passed away at the Nyahururu County & Referral Hospital where he was taken after the accident.

The locals think that the illegal grazers came to the region from the counties of Samburu and Isiolo in search of grass and water for their livestock.

According to reports, the grazers were driving their cattle on people’s farms and when requested to leave, they turned against the locals. They are believed to be equipped with spears, rungus, and firearms.

Residents assembled in preparation for his funeral, but they are in misery because the grazers may still drive their animals into his farm unhindered.

Senator John Kinyua of Laikipia paid tribute to the victim who died after being attacked while defending his home.

He regretted that there were more instances of unauthorized grazers disturbing the quiet in the area and urged action.

The grazers, whom the authorities claim are using primitive weapons to attack residents and destroy crops, are to be exterminated as part of a security operation.

While the cattle were grazing on other people’s farms yesterday, police officials at the Minjore Police Post managed to arrest one offender who is scheduled to appear in court monday.

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