IG Koome: This Is why Uhuru’s Security Has Been Scaled Down.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail is said to have been removed by the State, however Inspector General of Police (IG) Japhet Koome has refuted this assertion, saying that his bodyguards have been reduced in accordance with the law.

IG Koome revealed in Mombasa on Friday that the presidential escort unit of a serving president is under the direction of an Assistant IG, but when the president retires, the unit’s leadership is transferred to a superintendent who reports directly to a deputy IG.

Since an officer of the same rank oversees President Ruto’s security command, Koome claimed that continuing to have an Assistant IG in charge of the former President Kenyatta’s security detail would have created a problem in the chain of command.

The Deputy IG who was in charge of Uhuru’s security detail has subsequently been recalled, according to Koome, so that he can be given duties appropriate for his status.

Additionally, he disclosed that because the retired Cabinet Secretaries and former First Lady Margaret Kenyatta are no longer on active duty, their security detail has also been reduced.

IG Koome explicitly declared that he was not mandated by the State to approve the changes to the security personnel for retired government officials.

On Thursday, reports of the former President’s security detail being reduced surfaced, but top security authorities remained mum on the subject.

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