If you are found doing this in Nairobi, you will be arrested or fined.

Governor Johnson Sakaja has issued a warning to city residents that anyone spotted dumping trash in an undesignated area will be detained and punished.

The county administrator claimed that the daring move will benefit his government in regaining the city’s former splendor and in addressing the rubbish problem that has been a problem for previous administrations.

Those who work in the city center awoke on Wednesday to see litter bins that had just been installed by NMS pulled down and taken away by unidentified individuals, as city residents wait to learn how the law will be executed.

About two months before the general elections, a local advertising firm and another party collaborated on a multi-million shilling effort that included the trash cans.

In his speech yesterday, Governor Sakaja warned that if quick action is not taken to solve Nairobi’s terrible situation, the city could degenerate into anarchy that will be challenging to reverse.

The County has started building new rubbish collection locations in sub-counties to reduce illegal dumping.

To educate the public on designated dumping locations, the areas will be gazetted and a public awareness campaign will be run.

In Nairobi, more than 80,000 tonnes of trash have been collected in the past month as part of a continuing effort to clean up the city.

According to the Nairobi City County Solid Garbage Management Act, anyone who disposes of waste or permits it to be disposed of in a location that has not been authorized for such disposal is subject to a fine of up to Sh200,000.

When former President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law a Sustainable Waste Management Bill intended to rein in individuals who don’t manage their waste correctly in July 2021, the government enacted strict regulations for careless littering.

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