How To Wear A Suit The Right Way

Success has long been associated with dressing. You dress a certain way and people will associate you with a status that they think suits your dressing. The truth is, we not only want to be successful, but also, look the part.

Our world is filled with limitless options for the modern man, and in turn, limitless ways to get confused by those options. But the suit! Well, the suit, since time immemorial, has been a classic wardrobe essential.

What’s better than a suit? A bespoke suit! It is a complete transition from the carefree collegiate vibe to a more grown up polished look for the young men.

It is crucial to have a well-dressed suit that is tailored to your fit. It’s also important to be conscious of the colour you choose to put on. Different colours, for different occasions.

A general and random formal look would be: a well-tailored blazer, dress shirt, tie, pair of suit trousers and pair of leather dress shoes.

The go-to neutral and easiest to pull off would be an all-black affair, since black has its benefits of a blank slate thus easily dressed up or dressed down. Therefore, a black shirt, black tie, black pair of trousers and black leather shoes.

The fun way would be bright detailed, color blocked, flowered/ patterned or pinstriped, to bring in a little contrast, which is striking to the eye. It is usually best to go for one or the other.

Finally, always wear a statement piece to complement your look, because accessories matter. A suit can be made minimal or elaborate by choosing the appropriate accessories. They will complete and personalize your look.

Accessories include: A pocket square, tie bar, cuff links, wristwatch, belt, rings, bracelets and a boutonniere.

A few tips:

-Match your belt and shoes.

-Choose a tie that contrasts your shirt.

-Don’t put on a tie that has matching patterns with the dress shirt.

-Expose your sleeve cuffs half an inch.

-Wear long dress socks

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