How to Know Someone’s True Personality

1. The Speed of Their Speech.

The tone of voice hides many important personality traits. Low voices tend to belong to people who are more energetic, confident, and even authoritative. While high-pitched voices show people who are more dependent, insecure, and less energetic. If a person speaks too fast, they could be hiding or want to hide some information, and this creates anxiety and tension.

2. Dressing Style.

The type of clothes you wear and the colours you choose send out concealed messages on the type of person you are. Research shows that the way you dress not only conveys the type of person you are but can also influence the way you think. Warm and cool colours, such as red, represents passion and impatience. Blue represents composure and melancholy. Dressing more casual indicates a very young mental age, while dressing more formal indicates more maturity.

3. Pay Attention to the Comments from Their Friends or People Around Them.

Friend’s comments are the most direct and pertinent when getting to know a new friend, and if you get to know your new friend’s friends, you will know a lot more about that new friend.

4. Food related habits could also reveal an individual’s personality and behavioural tendencies.

Slow eaters tend to be more confident and level headed, while fast eaters are often ambitious, goal-oriented, and bad-tempered. Picky eaters have the tendency to be detailed, anxious and neurotic. Isolationists (those who like to eat one thing at a time) can be careful, stubborn and detail oriented.

5. Walking Style.

The way you walk can say a lot about you. According to some body language experts, if you walk quickly with your weight forward, you are more likely to be logical and organized. You may also be serious and competitive. If you walk with your shoulders pulled back and your head held high, you tend to be charismatic and socially adept (but you may also tend to make yourself the only one in the spotlight). If you are light on your toes when you walk and you tend to glue your eyes on the floor, you might be more likely to be introverted and polite.

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