Homa Bay: Man Returns Home 51 Years After Disagreement With Family Caused His Disappearance

Following his disappearance from his house in 1972, the 81-year-old man went missing for 51 years. A community in Homa Bay Sub-County is now celebrating his return.

When he was 30 years old, Joseph Odongo fled his home in the West Kanyada location’s Riwa village. After a dispute with several of his family members, he did this.

When he returned to the village, no one under the age of 60 could recognize him because everyone who was born after he left had only heard about his story and had never actually seen him.

Mzee Odongo claimed that he decided to leave his house after having a disagreement with his now-deceased brother.

He informed a few members of his family that he would be visiting Sikri beach, which is just a few kilometers from his house. But instead, he relocated to Mombasa, where he remained the entire time.

It was challenging to locate him at the time because that kind of communication was problematic. His relatives determined that he may have passed away.

However, his 90-year-old sister-in-law Matasia Akelo had a different opinion. She frequently prayed for Mzee Odongo to go back to his house.

Mzee Odongo revealed to his family during the reunion that he had been living and working as a security guard in Likoni, Mombasa County.

Prior to being reunited with his family, the man reportedly walked to Kenneth Achieng’s office in Kabunde to ask for assistance.

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