Homa Bay: Fishermen Finds 6 Motor Bombs While Fishing

Three fisherman on an expedition close to the Ngodhe Islands of Lake Victoria found six mortar munitions, which caused anxiety in Mbita, Homa Bay County.

The three left as darkness fell on Thursday on a fishing vessel propelled by a mortar, according to fishermen’s spokesperson Edward Ochieng, who was quoted in a post on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Saturday.

“The trio entered the calm waters with a lantern in hand, hoping to catch a nice catch of omena. The fishermen launched their boat toward Ngodhe with their nets on the calm waters and lighted the lantern when suddenly their net became heavier than usual “stated the article.

One fisherman assumed it was a sizable mbuta catch, and the others helped him drag the cumbersome net back to the boat.

But, they found that they had only captured a half-full gorogoro of omena and six large, hefty metal objects that resembled explosives.

Two of them dived into the sea out of fear for their life, leaving their counterpart to decide what to do next.

He was able to steer the boat ashore, nevertheless, and reported the incident to the head of the beach management, who escalated the situation to the Mbita-based DCI detectives, according to DCI.

The two people who dove in swam to safety. The 80mm explosives were transported to the Mbita Subcounty Police Headquarters where they were being handled by Kisumu-based bomb disposal and hazardous materials detectives.

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