Has Koitalel Arap Samoei’s Prophecy Been Fulfilled By William Ruto?

You might have heard of King Koitalel Arap Samoei, the Kenyan king of the Nandi people who resisted British rule for more than eleven years and later led his people in a rebellion in 1905 now known as the Nandi Resistance.

He was not just a ruler of his people, for them, he was also a religious leader gifted with the eyes to see and predict what will happen in future.

Often times when he prophesied, measures were put in place to prevent disaster from occurring if his prophecy was disastrous. If it were a good one, the people would prepare for celebrations and thanksgiving.

However his loyalty of fighting for the Nandi community led one of them to betray him to the colonial government.He was later on Killed in 1905 by a British governor.

Before his death, Orgoiyot Koitalel Arap Samoei made a prophecy about the Nandi community he told them that;

“Kiaro tuindo eng mbaret ab Nandi eng Kenyishek bokol atia ageer asis ne kimaang akolil mbaret kai yee tageere maroo missing Kolildoi.”

According to his prophecy, he saw the darkness in the Nandi land for about 100 years.After Hundred years ,he later on saw a light which started lighting the land, but he never concentrated much on the light but its lighting.

This prophecy was interpreted in reference to the Nandi leadership, which he said they will live without a leader for 100 years. After 100 years, a leader will emerge and lead them again.

In another prophesy he said when he will die he he put under the sacred fig tree, after some time when the fig trees branches intertwine another victory will come again to Nandi community and that will be beginning of restoration of the lost glory of Nandi community. That has already taken place.

Is Ruto the victory prophecised by Arap Samoei? It’s now 100 plus some few years since his death, and William Ruto has taken over the leadership of the country.

It’s good to note that Daniel Arap Moi was not a Nandi, but a Tugen which is also a sub-tribe of Kalenjin community.

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