Harmonize Hints On Plans To Propose To His Lover Kajala

Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known by his stage name Harmonize PHOTO|COURTESY

Bongo star Harmonize has no time to waste after winning back his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala.

The singer proves to be moving at a speed of lightning to make sure that he inks his union with Kajala.

In a social media post, Harmonize posted a picture of two engagement rings, saying that he wants to have ‘her’ in his life.

“ Yoh! It’s my first big day ever, I will make it biggest Inshalla, having her in my life is something word can’t explain,” Harmonize wrote alongside picture of beautiful blue diamond rings.”

The proposal teaser comes after Harmonize made yet another big move to declare Kajala as his manager and the CEO of his record label – Konde Music Worldwide.

Harmonize says that since Kajala joined his 3 other managers, his music career has been a story of success after another.

The 32-year old shared a photo of Kajala jamming to his song.

“Finally my sound can make my best friend happy again OMG. God you are so powerful thanks to everyone who prayed for me.

Trust me this song has changed my life I am a happy boy now even for this video I love you, I respect you my woman & manager,” Harmonize poured his heart out. 

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