Guardian Angel; ‘Getting A Child Is Not Priority’

Gospel singer Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila have said that having a child or not does not have any impact on their marriage.

According to Guardian, he is at peace with his marriage to Esther, regardless of whether they sire a child or not.

“A child is God’s work. It is a bonus, if we get it okay, if we do not get it, it does not reduce anything in my love for Esther. It has given me enough peace that matters to me,” Guardian Angel told Plug TV.

“For me, when I was coming to our marriage, a kid was number two. Whether it comes or not it is ok, number one is our love for each other, if God wants to give us a kid as a bonus that is okay,” he added.

On her part, Esther says that for them to get a child or not should not be a concern to busy bodies since it is theirs to decide and not the society.

Questions on whether the couple gets a child or not have usually been triggered by the fact that Esther is in 50s while Guardian Angel is in his 30s.

However, Guardian juxtaposed what would have been the case if he was married to a younger lady and was unable to get a child.

“If I would have married a lady who is a few years younger than me, and then maybe she could not be able to get a child, would I chase her away? What if I was the one who could not sire a child, would she have left me?”

The lovebirds who are only 6 months into their marriage say that they have not been giving room to misunderstandings in their relationship.

Guardian says he was not the kind of person to apologise but marriage has changed his perspective.

“I am always the first person to apologize whenever there is a misunderstanding. I can even apologise for her mistakes so that we continue being happy,” he said.

On what she loves about Guardian, Esther Musila says; “He has such a nice heart, no one knows him like I do, he is such a vibe and I am always happy.”

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