Governor Wamatangi: ‘My Life Is In Danger.’

As his life is in danger, Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi pleaded with the congregation at Gatundu South, Ndarugo, to pray for him on Sunday.

Wamatangi claimed that he had received multiple threats from people warning him to exercise caution should he lose his mind, however he avoided naming any specific individuals.

In response to warnings that he might lose his head, Governor Wamatangi remarked, “I assure them that my head has stayed where it is because of God.”

“Even when they threaten to make a major scandal out of me, I won’t be concerned,” he said. “I’ll tell them that the God who stood by me will stand by me.”

Wamatangi claims that a building permits and permission cartel that was swindling Kiambu citizens by leading them in circles is one among the cartels that his leadership has destroyed since gaining control of the county.

“In my first month at the office, a school and a church came to me and said they had made official and unofficial payments, but they still hadn’t received building approvals,” he continued.

Wamatangi said that individuals threatening him have said they will fabricate shady scandals among other things to get him arrested and charged in court.

He said, “I have been defeated before, but now nothing really scares me, no one can fear me. God made me a Senator… and then God used you to make me a governor, and it is not in vain.

All I want is for you to pray for me to be physically and psychologically strong so that I can keep working.

The governor pledged to fight corruption in the county and work closely with MPs and MCAs to carry out his duties during his presentation.

If nothing is done, he contends, corruption will persist throughout the county.

In reference to the recent trip of American billionaire Bill Gates, Governor Wamatangi claimed that the philanthropist first visited Nairobi before seeing Makueni County and omitting the neighbouring Kiambu County.

“He came here with billions and stopped in Nairobi before moving on to Makueni and then Kisumu,” the speaker continued. “It’s because these investors have been instructed on the best counties where their investment will not be misused or wasted.”

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