Governor Sakaja given a month by Kenya Kwanza MCAs to review cabinet appointments.

Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) have stated that Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has one month to realign his appointments before the beginning of assembly sittings in February of next year.

The UDA party leadership structures were not consulted by Mr. Sakaja when he made nominations, according to the MCAs. The ward representatives claim that Mr. Sakaja formed a Cabinet in Nairobi consisting of members of the Azimio coalition who are unfamiliar with the UDA platform due to a lack of consultation.

In a month, they will announce their next course of action, according to Minority Leader Anthony Kiragu.

He was elected using a UDA ballot, however he never seeks input from party members before making decisions. To determine the next course of action, we are giving him one month to come forward and say that he is a member of the Azimio coalition, Mr. Kiragu said.

Additionally, he has challenged Mr. Sakaja to stop playing blame games that are impeding service delivery and instead concentrate on finding solutions for Nairobi citizens’ issues.

“Public relations ploys cannot be used to administer Nairobi City. Even the formation of his government took a lengthy time, and he has undertaken little real development work. Why is he not concentrating on resolving people’s issues while having a budget? Will he continue to hold Uhuru Kenyatta responsible? M. Kiragu enquired.

Mark Ronaldo Mugambi, the minority chief whip, claims that in order for Mr. Sakaja’s nominations to reflect the party’s goodwill, they must be realigned within a month.

“We’ve only given him one month to rearrange his appointments. Let him approach the party’s leadership, apologize for what he did, and make amends. Because he carried the UDA flag, the party helped mobilize Nairobi residents who supported him, according to Mr. Mugambi.

The ultimatum was, however, rejected by Azimio ally and majority leader Peter Imwatok, who claimed that outside forces were attempting to disrupt county operations.

“Regional balancing was the basis for Mr. Sakaja’s appointments. They must not downplay the governor’s conduct. The Kenya Kwanza MCAs are decent individuals, but someone is attempting to sway them. I want to reassure the people of Nairobi that the assembly is secure. Since the majority of MCAs are new, Mr. Imwatok advised them to concentrate on comprehending the assembly’s proceedings rather than trying to manipulate them.

“The country unites after every election cycle. No one is a member of Kenya Kwanza or Azimio. Instead of UDA, Mr. Sakaja serves the inhabitants of Nairobi. The best way for him to schedule sessions to ensure balancing is up to his knowledge, he continued.

Last week, Nairobi MCAs disrupted and left the interview for Lucky Ogutu Okudo, a nominee for Lighting and Energy Chief Officer, since she had not submitted her academic records on time. They further asserted that Ms. Okudo is unfit to hold the position of Chief Officer and was responsible for the turmoil at Bomas of Kenya, the country’s official tallying facility.

Robert Alai, the vice chairman of the ICT and Energy Committee, assumed control of the screening process. Later, he charged that the Kenya Kwanza MCAs had ulterior motives throughout the vetting process.

Why did they simply leave during the vetting process? They would have just shown up, taken a seat, and voiced their complaints so that they might be noted in the Hansard. All of the accusations they are making against the nominee are baseless, according to Mr. Alai.

A special session last week in which the assembly approved the names of 28 Chief Officers proposed by Mr. Sakaja was similarly ignored by the Kenya Kwanza MCAs.

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