Governor Sakaja: ‘Don’t be swayed by the sensationalization about trees, They‘re Donations!’

Johnson Sakaja, the governor of Nairobi County, has addressed previous comments he made on a proposal to import fully grown trees from Malaysia.

On Thursday, the governor responded to critiques of the situation on social media by stating that he was collaborating with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to guarantee that the county established tree nurseries and gave growing indigenous trees priority.

He also refuted claims that the county would use tax dollars to import Malaysian trees, emphasizing that they would only be donations.

When Governor Sakaja initially said that his county government would buy trees from Malaysia, there were a variety of responses on social media.

On a Wednesday inspection tour of Nairobi’s CBD, Sakaja declared: “We are going to deliver fully grown trees. From Malaysia, we will import palm trees that will be planted along Harambee Avenue and in other places.

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