Governor Mwangaza’s impeachment motion to be heard by court.

Today, the Meru High Court will rule on a request to halt the impeachment process against Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

Last Monday, Mwangaza filed a legal petition asking the court to prevent Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from discussing a vote of impeachment against her.

The governor claimed that since 68 out of 69 MCAs signed the resolution, suggesting that they have a predetermined viewpoint, she might not receive a fair hearing from the assembly.

Mwangaza further stated, via her attorney Elias Mutuma, that a stranger serving as the assembly’s clerk phoned and signed the publishing of the impeachment motion.

One institution cannot prevent another from carrying out its duties, the assembly said the court during a hearing on Monday through its attorney Muthomi Theankolu.

He added that the Senate, not the assembly, should make the final decision regarding the measure.

Mwangaza is the target of the MCAs’ impeachment attempt due to egregious misconduct, abuse of power, and legal transgressions.

On November 21, Dennis Kiogora, an MCA from Abogeta West who also serves as the Minority Chief Whip, introduced the impeachment motion.

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