Gov Mwangaza of Meru criticized by Kiraitu’s Party for her assertion of “owning the judiciary.”

The Bus Party, led by former Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi, has criticized Kawira Mwangaza for purportedly saying she had the judiciary in her back pocket.

The party said that it had learned that Mwangaza was shamelessly asserting that the court will dismiss the impeachment process brought against her because she reportedly has the support of the judiciary in a statement to newsrooms on Friday.

This comes after 68 Meru MCAs supported a proposal in October to remove the governor on the grounds that she had exceeded her constitutional authority, which was put forth by Abogeta West MCA Dennis Kiogora.

“The party has received information that the Governor is bragging that the MCAs who she contemptuously called foxes will never impeach her because she has the Judiciary on her side. Bus Party condemns in the strongest possible terms the judicialization of the Governors political impunity,” wrote Imanyara.

“The Governor is pursuing a dangerous path of political brinkmanship. She should not intimidate MCAs with threats of manipulating or bribing the Judiciary. This reckless talk could lead to a terrible disaster to the people of Meru and their institutions of Governance and bring the institution of  the Judiciary to disrepute and loss of public confidence.”

The continuing political schism in Meru County that has put Mwangaza against her own MCAs, according to Bus Party, is the result of her “hardheadedness,” which was a further categorical statement made by the party.

“The party is convinced that the prolonged stand-off and the confrontation is caused by the ignorant aggressive intransigence of the Governor who is busy hoodwinking the people and treating MCA’s with daily contempt,” added Imanyara.

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