Google’s top search query for 2022

The five-letter guessing game Wordle, which is owned by the New York Times, continues to hold our attention, as evidenced by the fact that “Wordle” is Google’s most searched term this year both domestically and internationally.

It outperformed presumably more newsworthy subjects like “election results” and “Betty White” in the US and “Queen Elizabeth” and “Ukraine” internationally.

Wordle was the “top trending search globally, as guessing five-letter words every day became a way of life,” according to a blog post published by Google on Wednesday. Its annual Year in Search report looks at the “moments, people, and trends that sparked our collective curiosity” on the search platform.

A five-letter word can be guessed six times per day in the well-known online game Wordle. On certain days, though, getting the solution is challenging, leading people to look for clues, advice, and even the solution.

The game was released in October 2021 by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software programmer who was formerly employed by Reddit, and it immediately gained widespread popularity. It got to the point that the New York Times decided to purchase Wordle in February 2022 in order to grow its gaming subscription business and draw in new readers.

To keep its “current audience engaged with Wordle, and to expose Wordle to all new audiences,” the Times collaborated with Hasbro (HAS) in July to transform Wordle into a board game, according to Jonathan Knight, head of games for the Times, in a recent interview with CNN Business.

The Times appointed Tracy Bennett as the new editor of Wordle last month, indicating a shift away from Wardle’s pre-selected words and toward words chosen by the Times. The solution will never be a plural with a “s” or “es” ending. To help you rule out potential terms, you might try to guess plural

Wordle is still available for free, but after a set number of free plays, The Times hides its other games behind a paywall.

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