George Wajackoyah has finally met his look-alike

A screen-grab from the video of Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah (L) meeting his lookalike Gordon Owino. [Photo | Courtesy]

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has finally met Gordon Owino, the man who has become popular for his resemblance to the controversial politician.

Owino, a boda boda operator, usually rocks a durag, has full grey beard, jean jacket and jewellery imitative of Prof. Wajackoyah. He met the Roots leader at his Nairobi office over the weekend.

In a video shared online by comedian Obinna, Wajackoyah is seen warmly hugging Owino before giving him a wad of cash and a watch he says is made of gold.

“I’ve never done this, but I will give this to you. This is one of the most expensive gold watches in the world. Always wear it on your right!” the self-confessed watch-collector tells Owino as he straps it around his wrist.

The Roots leader who has promised to introduce commercial farming of bhang if elected president further tells Owino that the watch’s straps are made of hemp fibre.

“I bestow this watch to you as a person that has never given this kind of gift to anyone in the world, only my grandson who is in Spain. I gave him a 7-million watch,” adds Wajackoyah.

The presidential aspirant also offered to have Owino accompany him to his campaign run in his convoy.

“​​We are going to sit in a Lexus 570,” he told the elated doppelgänger.

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