Gengetone Star Mejja On Musical Break After A Throat Condition

Mejja, the star of Gengetone, has revealed the cause of his current musical break, informing his fans on the state of his throat that has prevented him from belting out hit songs.

Mejja told Willy M. Tuva of Radio Citizen that he recently received a diagnosis of a throat ailment and has been told not to sing until he has recovered.

“I have been experiencing throat problems. When I was in Australia, I contracted the flu but was unable to gain access to medicine because I was performing every day. Even after taking over-the-counter medication when I returned, the pain was intermittent, Meja added.

The “utawezana” hitmaker continued by saying that he sought specialized medical attention earlier this year after noticing blood in his sputum.

He revealed to Willy M. Tuva that his voice breaks as a result of the inexplicable disease, making it impossible for him to reach the high pitch.

He admitted that despite having a low pitch, he is nevertheless able to record music.

The next day, niko na sauti, and the day before that, siwezi kuongea, He added. “Naambia mafans waniombee sababu inaniaffect psychologically.”

At the same time, he cautioned fans to drink plenty of water and to stay away from sweets if they wanted to avoid throat problems.

“Please pray for me, sitaki kuacha muziki, and remember to drink lots of water and stay away from sugary foods to prevent getting into this position,” the singer urged the crowd.

Mejja revealed that he is receiving voice hygiene therapy in order to stabilize the condition.

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