Four People Linked To the Murder of Keagan Githua Have Been Arrested

Keagan Githua, 24, was killed, and four individuals connected to his death have been detained.
On October 30, criminals on a motorcycle fatally murdered Keagan, who had just received his Information Technology degree from Strathmore University, in Ridgeways, Kiambu county.

The family claims that he was attacked while traveling to his uncle’s residence inside the estate before the thieves stabbed him in the chest and fled with his laptop and mobile device.

A Tuesday morning operation was started when police discovered that the suspects operate in the Githurai region, according to a statement released by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

According to DCI, Keagan’s stolen phone was also found during the arrest.

“The detectives based at DCI-Starehe mounted a dawn operation that began at a city restroom along River Road, where they pounced on the first suspect before traveling to Githurai, where the others were apprehended and the deceased’s smartphone was retrieved,” reported DCI on Twitter.

According to early reports, the crooks were so audacious that they proceeded to use the deceased’s phone after stabbing him.

After the event was reported, police from the Muthaiga police station, where it was first reported, called Keagan’s phone.

In a previous interview, Bob Karina stated that one of the suspects answered the phone after being given Keagan’s number and asked, “Yes ni sisi, mtadu?”

Police then followed the phone to find the criminals.

Further investigation is being conducted in the meanwhile to apprehend more gang members.

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