Four-Month-Old Conjoined Twins Separated At KNH.


Four-month-old conjoined twins were successfully separated from one another on Sunday, according to a statement from the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

The nation’s top referral hospital said in a statement distributed to newsrooms on Monday that the 15-hour operation was completed without any significant difficulties.

The surgeons who carried out the surgery revealed more information about the operation at a news conference later that evening. They stated that the twins were conjoined in the chest and abdomen.

“We’ve been dealing with two children who each have separate heart problems. Apart from the liver connecting the two, they were joined in the belly, which meant that their muscles and skin were shared,” said one of the doctors.

According to medical professionals, additional testing by the cardiology team revealed that one of the infants had pulmonary hypertension, which caused blood to flow through their lungs.

The doctor said, “The baby’s blood pressure was later controlled.”

Evans Kamuri, the CEO of KNH, said the twins were in the intensive care unit and were in a stable condition, but he made no predictions about when they may be released.

“We hope they keep getting better. Because these were essentially ten operations in one, we are unable to predict when they will be released from the ICU. The liver, heart, skin, and bones all underwent surgery. We are happy to be doing it for the first time,” he remarked.

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